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 Welcome to At Sixes and Sevens !

Thank you for visiting our site!

If you are a member of At Sixes and Sevens already please sign in and access the member restricted parts of the site.

New Applicants

((If possible, please try to use the same name as you use in game when you join up )).

If you are not yet a member, a little bit about our guild:

We have over 200 members at a variety of levels.  We are a very laid back friendly guild whose main objective is to just have fun!  We try to be as helpful as we can and do guild instance runs / raids when we can. We dont use a rank system we use a group system. You will be placed according to a level and or preference whether it be for pvping or pveing or both. We also have groups for end game raiders and just hit level 85 players who are still tring to gear up by running heroics or want to run older content raids 

We have a guild bank (which is now up and running with open tabs for all groups) as well as a great tabbard (which we provide free to lvl 10+ guild members upon request through the guild bank).   We run guild  events (such as "Guild Lotto") - with more guild events in the pipeline.

We welcome all new members of any class & level - so request an invite today!

If you have any general questions please check for assistance via in game.

Guild Master: Sparkleyes.

Gardian: Luvutdeath.

Raid Leader: Group 1  Darkmender and Bubblez.

Group PVP Death Squadron Leaders: Shadow and Dridian

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